Circle Together with a virtual community of people committing to their self-Reiki practice with 21 days of guided meditation with self-Reiki. A circle of 8 Reiki teachers and practitioners have come together to guide these daily meditations. Join us live in the community on Zoom or listen to the recording. Each recording will be available for 24 hours only, to encourage daily practice for 21 days. We know it will be powerful to circle together live, so please join live as often as you can!

We will offer a closing circle and Reiki share to have time to reflect together, check in, and practice Reiki in a Reiki share.

Every day at 7-7:30am MT/9-9:30am EST (21 days!)
June 10 New Moon to June 30, 2021 On Zoom

Closing Circle and Reiki Share-
Thursday July 8, 2021 for 90 minutes @ 5:30pm MT/ 7:30pm EST on Zoom

Restful Reiki Renewal – A daily journal (1)

Download and print the daily practice journal above, to keep track of your progress, to set intentions, and to have a place to reflect on your energy awareness over the course of the 21 days. This is a great way to see how powerful the daily practice of Reiki meditation is and to be able to see your progress over time.


  • being centered
  • re-starting your Reiki daily practice
  • strengthening your Reiki practice
  • grounding
  • calm
  • bringing Reiki fully into each day
  • community
  • connection
  • RRReiki… Renewal, Rest, Rejuvenation, Reboot, Recharge, Reset… 🙂

Donation-based- please donate to an organization listed below. Thank you for your donations! Please donate $21 ($1/day), please donate what is comfortable for you!

How to Register

Registration is closed. Please look out for our next 21 Day Restful Reiki Renewal