Circling Together: Using Spiral to Heal Self, Community and Earth was created in the winter of 2019 by Gretchen Pangilinan and Tekla Ayers, to be a healing community, using circle and ceremony, following the Celtic holidays, which honor the cycles of the Earth. Circling Together has evolved since it’s creation, which was had to be put on hold because of the pandemic in 2019. We are now a community of Reiki Teachers and Practitioners, collectively bringing the Practice of Reiki to the world with online meditation, self-Reiki and Reiki Shares.

We use the practice of Usui Reiki to build community and connect to Life Force Energy. Since the pandemic, there seems to be even more of an urgency and a need for rooting and connecting, for sharing, celebrating and healing, IN community. We are living in a time where people are expressing more and more disconnection even though we have everything we need in the palm of our handheld smartphone. Health and wellness come from being IN community – I-llness versus WE-llness – this is where Circling Together steps in! We have found that, since the pandemic and hosting weekly meditations to Zoom for a year, we CAN and DO build community in virtual circles, and are now offering a 21-Day Restful Reiki Renewal to join on Zoom, or listen to the recording if the time doesn’t work.

Why the Spiral? 

The Spiral is probably the oldest known symbol of human spirituality. It has been in rock carvings for thousands of years old, on every continent in the world. The spiral is found on ancient tombs, and almost certainly has a celestial connection. The double spiral found in neolithic Celtic stone art also follows the path of the sun, describing the movements of the heavenly body over the course of a solar year. In Circling Together, we too will witness one another over the course of a solar year. The Spiral connects us together across time, and is also part of a Reiki symbol we all use as part of our Reiki practice.