Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t make it to every date?

We ask that you try to schedule every date and time into your 2020-2021 calendar, each weekend and share build upon one another. We want you make the investment in you, and in turn,  we will promise to hold you to your commitment to heal self, community and Earth. If there are certain times you know you cannot be available but want to participate, please contact us! We would love to figure it out with you!

I have my reiki attunements. Will I still attend the reiki attunement weekends?

Yes, you will, though your tuition will be discounted depending on your level of attunement. Receiving attunements more than once can only benefit you in your use of reiki and enhance your skills. Being together for the reiki attunements in their entirety will also benefit the community we are building and our ability to support one another.