Reiki Practitioners and Teachers Who Participate in RRR
***indicates they are participating in current or upcoming RRR

We are so excited to lead you in 21 days of guided meditation with self-Reiki, a seasonal Reiki “challenge” offered 4 times a year, followed by a Closing Circle and Reiki Share.

Bonnie Tarantino***

C-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist, 2000/500 RYT, and a Usui Karuna and Holy Fire Reiki Master.

Bonnie received her first Reiki attunement at 21 and has taught Reiki for over 30 years. Her website offers more about her journey as well as a variety of free resources.

Chris Morrow***

Chris Morrow wears several hats, including Group Fitness Director. Group Fitness Instructor & Mobility Coach at Valley Fitness, in Harrisonburg, VA. She runs the “office side” of my husband, Todd & my trucking business, TC Morrow Trucking. She lives in the quaint little town of Grottoes, VA and her hometown is Gettysburg, PA. She just completed my 500 hr Yoga Teacher Training & she is working toward becoming a Yoga Therapist. She completed my Reiki Master training, with Lindsay Erickson, in Nov of 2021. She stays busy caring for her 6 rescue dogs & 2 cats and keeping up with her 37 year old daughter, Heather, who is an ER nurse, in WV and her 2 beautiful grandchildren, 15 year old Trevor & 12 year old Zoey. Her passion is creating and holding sacred space for beings to feel loved & safe. Her tagline is “SHINE YOUR LIGHT”

Crystal Chinn ***

Crystal Chinn is a Japanese American born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and currently resides in Colorado with her husband and 2 daughters. She found Reiki 2.5 years ago after struggling with multiple miscarriages and fertility struggles. Her initial journey with Reiki was for self-healing purposes and she quickly fell in love with the community of people and was shocked to experience the level of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing from Reiki. When the pandemic hit, she started practicing Distance Reiki on family and friends and soon fell more in love with the power and simplicity of energy healing. Crystal specializes in Distance Reiki and works with clients over the phone and incorporates powerful meditations and visualizations to intensify the Reiki experience for her clients. Through this journey, Crystal has opened up her intuitive gifts and often works with spirits attached to clients, helping both spirits to release and heal. Her goal is to empower her clients to take charge of their own energy with the blessings of Reiki and teaching them about energetic boundaries, awareness and incorporating daily meditation practices to strengthen their mind, body and soul.

Gretchen Pangilinan ***

MA, Reiki Master, Intuit, Energetic Art Therapist

Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with a Concentration in Art Therapy, Certified in Reiki I, II, III and Master Level. A quote by shamanic practitioner, Sandra Ingerman explains so fully my belief and understanding of this world, “It is who we become that changes the world, not what we do. Harmony within, creates harmony without.” I invite individuals to create the inner landscape they want, the one they want to feel every single moment of every single day, so that what is inside, transmutes the world outside.

Holly Leon-Lierman

Holly Leon-Lierman is a Reiki practitioner, mama and human rights activist. She is joining the RRR to connect with kindred spirits and support others in practicing presence in every moment.

Jocelyn Hunter ***

Life has a way of taking you where you need to go. Our challenge, and opportunity, is to go with the flow. Jocelyn has a B.S. in general mathematics and an M.A.(almost) in geography. She worked as a field biologist and ran an environmental research company. She is the mother of two daughters. She is an artist and jewelry designer and former owner/manager of an art gallery. She is a certified Master of Crystalogy with an intimate relationship with gems and minerals. She is a yoga teacher, an intuitive healer, a meditation teacher, and a licensed minister. She is also a Reiki Master and Reiki practitioner. She now spends most of her time traveling in her camper van with her three-legged dog Chi Chi.

Kelly Dignan***

Kelly Dignan is a spiritual guide who holds space as you listen to your inner wisdom, track the energetic movement happening in your life, and act to create more love and justice in the world. She is a Master Reiki teacher and practitioner, an ordained Unitarian Universalist (UU) minister, justice chaplain and certified coach.  You can find her at

Kim Morrison***

I suffered from depression that started in my teenage years. Yoga played an essential part of my healing and for ten years I owned and operated a hot yoga studio. Along my journey, I met a Reiki practitioner at Breitenbush Hot Springs. That one session planted a seed that allowed me to grow into a fuller human being. During the time of my Reiki trainings, I discovered the gentle power of Reiki as a tool to strengthen self-love, intuition and balance. I now see that my depression was a gift as it chiseled me into who I am today, a wife, mother and lightworker who aspires to uplift humanity, one person at a time.

Lindsay Erickson ***

Lindsay Erickson is the founder of Awakened Wellness, a holistic health practice dedicated to creating more peace, connection and flow for individuals and our world as a whole.

At the heart of Awakened Wellness is an emphasis on empowering individuals with practices & tools to support their own well-being as well as the wellbeing of their loved ones. Lindsay leads Nature-Based Retreats, Reiki Trainings, Yin Yoga Classes, Energy Awareness Workshops and offers personalized Human Design resources & coaching to individuals who are ready to step into their most peace-filled and purposeful life.

Maren Miller

Maren is a former art teacher, turned artist, reiki practitioner, consultant, coach and facilitator. She is passionate, driven and committed to the work of racial and educational equity, as well as critical self-development and healing. She is on a mission to empower humans (women, femmes, non binary folks), to be conscious, reflective, change makers. She desires to work with humans who have the will to look inward and view the world through a critical and restorative racial lens. For the betterment of self, but also for the greater good of all. She works with folks in various ways – through business coaching & consulting, personal racial identity development, life coaching and healing sessions, with the use of reiki energy healing and intuitive energy readings.

Miriam Doyle-Baschat

Miriam Doyle-Baschat is a licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor and an Usui, Hofy Fire & Karuna Reiki master. She has been practicing Reiki since 2014 and has taught Usui and Holy Fire Reiki classes as part of the 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher training programs at the University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine for the past four years. She is currently completing certification for the Daring to Rest Yoga Nidra method and lives in Baltimore Maryland.

My personal journey with yoga nidra has led me to embrace my own sacred feminine energy and to empower others to step onto the path of trusting their intuition, to come into a deep sense of knowing who they are and to share their unique gifts from a place of joy and authenticity.

Petra O’Neill ***

Petra O’Neill, sole practitioner of Petra’s Wellness Studio providing integrated wellness in Vermont since 1996. Certifications: Reiki Master Teacher, Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, LaStone Massage Therapist, Yomassage Therapist, Licensed Esthetician, Dermalogica Skin Therapist Expert. Currently studying: Functional Nutrition, Healing from the Core, Astrology, Moonology and Chakra Yoga.

Petra enjoys living in Vermont with her husband and two adult children. She is active with gardening, hiking and skiing. Growing up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts she loved horseback riding. Earned a BA in Communications from Emerson College, Boston. Petra worked ten years as an actress in Boston and NYC; then directed children’s theater when her children were young.

Petra’s intention is to provide a private soothing environment where guests are comforted through healing bodywork in-person or long distance. Petra offers programs, certificates, tutorials and packages. Regular wellness sessions may prevent and reduce muscular and mental stress. Together we will be achieving your wellness goals; inspiring self-care to cultivate healing and balancing body, mind and spirit.

Roni Slavit***

Roni Slavit is a certified Clinical Herbalist, Flower Essence practitioner, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master and practitioner. Roni was introduced to Reiki along her personal healing journey and found it brought immense shifts and releases to her body. She found that through this powerful form of energy healing, working with herbs and the medicine our Earth offers, meditation and movement practices she was able to finally heal her body at the root. She went from being in severe pain, sorrow and fatigue to feeling her age again and empowered by her body and deepened connection with it. Roni decided to become certified in all of these fields, creating her own business, Resiliency Herbals, in order to provide this transformational medicine to all those in need, in search to come home to themselves and desiring to live a life full of magic, empowerment and opportunity.

Tekla Ayers ***

Tekla (she/hers) is an Intuitive Reiki-Informed Teacher, who has spent 12 years studying the healing arts, and the last few years learning about her privilege and studying to become an ally. Her journey has taken her through the awareness and healing of codependency and addiction, and she work today to continue being grounded in her truth, to learn more about her own heritage, and to educate herself as she lives in a white female body in a white supremacy culture. She supports people through community, daily practices, setting energetic boundaries, and releasing energy with her Intuitive Reiki method. Her signature program is a 10-month transformative journey in community called Be Rooted in Your Truest Self, through practice and energy awareness.