Year Long Ceremony

The Year Long Ceremony of Circling Together: Using Spiral to Heal Self, Community & Earth is designed for individuals to come together, celebrating the Celtic holidays which honor the cycles of the Earth. We use the tool of Usui Reiki to build community and connect to Life Force Energy. The sacred, age old symbol of the Spiral is a bridge between these two traditions. Over the course of one year,  8 celebrations and 7 Reiki shares.

The Circling Together Year Long Ceremony will begin with celebrating Samhain, the Celtic New Year (October 30-November 1) and Reiki I Attunements and end with a Weekend Long Retreat over the Autumn Equinox while learning Karuna Reiki. We will close with a final Reiki Share in October. We will traverse eight weekends celebrating Mother Earth in the Celtic tradition, learning how to bring this fully into our lives. Within five of these celebratory weekends, participants will receive Reiki Attunements as a way to bring healing into their life as well as the world around them. We will also meet with the full moon for 7 Reiki Shares, as a way to practice, master, and share this hands on healing technique and be IN community and celebration. This is an immersive year of deep healing and growth, while connecting to Reiki, one’s own intuition and connection to the cycles of the earth. The same participants will circle together throughout the year, please contact us for more information or to sign up.

8 Celtic Wheel of the Year Celebrations & 5 Reiki Attunements & 7 Full Moon Reiki Shares

Samhain: October
Winter Solstice: December
Imbolc: January
Spring Equinox: March
Beltaine: May
Summer Solstice: June
Lughnasa: August
Fall Equinox: September

Interested in more information, please contact us 
Gretchen at 720-295-1828 gretchen@wingedheartrootedspirit or
Tekla at 301-741-0211